Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who Did THAT To Your Credit Score?!!!

Who Did THAT To Your Credit Score?!!!

Life....It just happens sometimes and oftentimes once our credit gets out of control it has a snowball effect and can become really overwhelming.

Don't give up!! You're certainly not alone and with a little bit of your time and focus you can tackle it.

Nobody goes out and buys a car with a $500 car note to intentionally not be able to keep up with the payments.We all anticipate earning enough income to comfortably pay all of our bills, but LIFE happens and now the $500 that was supposed to be allocated to that car payment might have to cover your mortgage, a medical emergency, or some other more pressing life event.

First before you take any action, you'll have to believe that it's possible to repair your credit which could greatly improve your life. They've tied credit into almost every necessity there is, from car insurance to employment and really just about everything actually. You have to have a good FICO score for basic survival nowadays.

Another scenario is for the younger people, fresh out of college, strapped with student loans and credit card bills trying desperately to find a job that'll pay enough. I have an inspiring success story to tell you about a young man who experienced the very same credit issues and through his hard work, persistence & determination he's now a very successful Real Estate Investor. 

Success can happen for you, it's wise to take advice from someone who's been there because they can empathize with your struggles and show you how to make it through.

Always remember that even though your skies seem cloudy right now--the sun IS shining somewhere--so grab a little piece of it and keep on pushing. You'll make it!!

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